Rooms & Rates

Hello traveler, if you are seeking a budget place for staying in Surin, the Blue Elephant Guesthouse is a suitable choice for you.

The guesthouse has two stories. The first story has 3 bedrooms and the second story has 4 bedrooms. Each of bedroom has a private bathroom and electric fan.

The cost per night is 400-500 Baht based on bed size and traveling season. If you want to book our rooms please send us a request for checking the availability before booking.

What amenities do we offer?

  • Towels, bed sheets, soap, shampoo and toilet paper.
  • Wardrobe with hangers
  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast: coffee & tea and toast with jam

The first floor rooms

There are three bedrooms made of cement on the first floor as follows:

Room A1

A1 is a double bedroom located on the left side and in front of the guesthouse near the front gate.

Room A2

A2 is a double bedroom located on the left side of the guesthouse and near a stair to the 2nd floor.

Room A3

A3 is an only double bedroom located on the right side of the guesthouse.

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The second floor rooms

There are fours bedrooms on the second floor. All of them are made of wood and there is one bedroom located on the right of the guesthouse.

Room B1

Room B2

Room B3

Room B4

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