Sharing Local Experience joining in the World’s Largest Elephant Buffet Event 2016

The world largest elephant buffet 2017

Hello everyone, I am Ton, the host of Blue Elephant Guesthouse in Surin.

I write this article because I want to my story when I had a chance to join the World’s Largest Elephant Buffet  last year (2016) in view of a local people.

As you know, our King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away last year. Hence, all of Thai people is fallen in sadness with this occasion and there is no celebration or entertainment events.

Therefore, the theme of the Elephant Round-Up and the World’s Largest Elephant Buffet was changed to commemorate our King. All of people wear the black clothes to join these events.

As I posted in Highlight of the World’s Largest Elephant Buffet on November 17, 2017, the buffet event was started with a parade of local people and elephants moving from the train station to Phraya Surin Phakdi Si Narong Chang Wang Monument in the morning.

Fortunately, my home (restaurant) is located on the way they move. Thus I took many pictures of the moving parade as you can see below.

As shown in above pictures, the street was crowded by people and elephants. Most of people in the parade are staffs of government institutions and their students. In case of the elephants and mahouts (elephant owners), they were invited from the elephant village named Ban Ta Klang.

I followed the parade to the monument to join the amazing moment of this event. The parade stopped at the roundabout to perform an important ceremony before the elephant buffet event start.

Everyone including the elephants joins together for offer honesty and loyalty by standing up and singing Royal Anthem of Thailand in order to commemorate the King Rama IX. When the ceremony was finished, the World’s Largest Elephant Buffet was begun officially. 

All of people went to the roundabout and took photos with the Elephants. Next to the roundabout, there is a street with a plenty of tables containing fruits and vegetables for the elephants.

After that, I went to the Elephant Buffet tables in order to feed the elephants on the street and take more photos about scenes of this event before going to my guesthouse.

The World’s Largest Elephant Buffet is very amazing event for me. It is taken place every year, one day before the Elephant Round-Up started.

The last but not least, I hope my story and this article will be a good information for you when you desire to join the Elephant Round-Up next time.

Thank you for reading.